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2021 Super Saturday Literacy Academy (K-3)


Fall 2022 Super Saturday(S)
Literacy Academy
Grades K-3
Science of Reading


A Virtual Event  or Face to Face

Select Both Parts or Select a date.

Part 1:

Saturday:  September 24th - Phonological Awareness and Phonemic Awareness

Saturday: October 1st – Phonics and Word Study


Part 2:

Saturday: October 29th – Comprehension

Saturday: November 5th – Vocabulary

9:00am - 3:00pm Central Time Zone 

                      Raising Achievement in Reading and Writing 



Even under “normal” circumstances, teaching reading is hard.

Educators at every level wrestle with teaching reading and writing because there is so much to teach and so little time to teach it well. And with COVID-era challenges, it’s harder than ever!

At National Literacy Institute, we know you want to build better readers and writers. In order to do that, you need a plan for teaching that’s rooted in practical, best-practice strategies. That’s why we are hosting the Super Saturday Literacy Academy!


This fun and engaging day of learning will feature more than 25 virtual, interactive sessions that will bolster your  literacy instruction whether you’re teaching students in person or remotely.

No matter if you are new to teaching or a seasoned pro, Super Saturday will provide the methods and motivation you need to build better  readers and writers!

Science of Reading 
Choose from 20 sessions offering practical strategies to teach reading and writing both in-person & remotely

The What? When? Why? And How? of teaching reading


  • Structure of English Words

  • Literacy Stations

  • Guided Reading Groups 

  • Phonological Awareness

  • Phonemic Awareness

  • Explicit Phonics

  • Morphology

  • Blending Routines

  • Text Comprehension

  • Vocabulary Instruction

  • Reading Assessments

A Few Sessions At A Glance....


Morning Sessions:

  • Phonics Instruction: How to Teach It and What to Do When Children Struggle

  • Scaffolding Vocabulary in the Context of Close Reading

  • Literacy Work Stations

  • Play and Inquiry-Based Learning

Afternoon Sessions:

  • You Can’t Do Bloom’s Until You’ve Done Maslow: Building a Bridge to Social Emotional Development and Academic Success

  • Improving Comprehension

  • Support for English Learners in Early Childhood Classrooms

  • Guided Reading Instruction

What You'll Get

More than 5 hours of relevant and engaging PD
Downloadable handouts & digital resources for every session
On-demand access to video replays of every session until May 31, 2021
Completion certificate showing 5.25 hours of PD
Practical strategies you can use right away whether you’re teaching in person or remotely
Tools & motivation to impact every student
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PD on a Saturday???

Ok, let’s face it—teachers are being stretched to the limit, and weekends are a cherished pocket of personal time. So why would you want to attend a full-day workshop on a Saturday?

Super Saturday is going to be super fun! With free digital giveaways and periodic prize drawings, everyone will be a winner.

You will learn so many practical, ready-to-use strategies, you’ll be excited to return to school on Monday.

Substitute teachers are virtually nonexistent at most schools, making mid-week attendance nearly impossible. Even if you could find a sub, attending on a Saturday means no sub plans!

Attending on a Saturday allows you to participate from the comfort of your own home.

Don’t want to give up your Saturday? No problem! Register anyway so that you have on-demand access to the entire conference after the live event concludes.

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