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2021 Summer Literacy and Equity Retreat 
Schoolwide or Individual Sessions
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All of the ideas with none of the travel. Simply log in to learn simple and effective strategies to transform your instruction.
Self Paced & On Demand

Developing a Reading Road Map For Teaching Comprehension

June 22nd Grades PreK-2
June 24th Grades 3rd- 5th 
9am -12:15pm 

In this paradigm-changing workshop, you’ll learn to improve comprehension instruction by rooting your whole-class teaching in standards and skills rather than the text.

Virtual & Interactive 

Strategies for Teaching Small Group Guided Reading Instruction

July 14 Grades PreK-2

July 16 Grades 3rd-5th 

9am- 12:15pm 

Learn how to boost achievement with small-group differentiated instruction in this workshop for elementary teachers.

Virtual & Interactive

Planning and Facilitating Close Reading

July 21

Grades 2nd-12th 


Ramp up the rigor in your classroom with an intentional focus on close reading. Learn the four-step process for planning a close reading in this demystifying workshop.

Virtual & Interactive 

Cracking the Code and Building Academic Vocabulary

July 13 - PreK-2

July 15- Grades 3rd-5th 


This workshop will expand participants’ understanding of vocabulary development and the instructional techniques that are effective in helping students  expand their meaning vocabularies.

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Self Paced & On Demand

Writing After Close Reading 

July 22

Grades 2nd-12th


Prepare students to respond to close reading with complex writing tasks that address persuasive, argumentative, informative, and narrative writing.

Virtual & Interactive 

Introduction to Literacy Stations 

July 19 Grades PreK-2

July 20 Grades 3rd-5th 

9am - 12:15pm

This workshop provides foundational strategies for leading an effective reading block that utilizes literacy stations to foster independence learning.

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