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Education Explosion Conference 

Dr. Ingrid  in the House!

The NLI Learning Experience at the 2023 Education Explosion Conference: Something you don't want to miss. 

8:30am to 4:00pm 

You don't want to miss out! Tickets are selling fast (2000 


The 2023 Education Explosion Conference is the nation’s top K-12 education conference that brings together internationally recognized thought leaders, administrators, teachers and consultants to share innovative best practices and research-based methodologies in an engaging, inspiring event.

Spring Explosion Conference- We had a blast!
Welcome to the Mega Conference 

What to Expect?

This is not a sit and get, rather a shake, rattle and roll conference.


 Our Keynote Speaker


The NLI is hosting the 2022 Education Mega Conference with Ron Clark.  

The event kicks off at 8:30am and will end at 4:00pm on November 12th.  Ron Clark will be on the stage promptly at 9am.  The theme of our event this year is “Make it Happen, Make it Matter: Do it Now!”We look forward to  Ron Clark as a keynote speaker.   

Principals' Institute with Ron Clark
Included with Registration fee.
Breakout Sessions for All Educators 
Conference Strands 

Educational Strands

Social and Emotional Learning Development 

ELL Strategies 

Integration of Technology Usage 

RTI - Interventions for ALL 

Early Literacy
Adolescent Literacy
Children's Literature
Reader's Workshop
Guided Reading
Writer's Workshop
Spelling and Vocabulary

Classroom Management

Equity Education

And Much More.....

The science of systems change and successful SEL innovation in education

Scaling social and emotional learning while preserving quality

Integration of social and emotional learning with academics and related strategies

Driving educational equity through social and emotional learning

Frameworks and practices that promote social and emotional development

Limited  Seating 

This is not a sit and get, rather a shake, rattle and roll conference.

Here's why schools attend a NLI conference.

1. We help educators improve reading and writing instruction with strategies that are simple and effective.

2. Our professional development is so practical that you can start implementing right away—whether you are teaching in person or virtually.

3. We think professional learning should be fun. 

The 2022 Education Mega Conference  will provide the opportunity for multiple generations of stakeholders to engage in cross-disciplinary conversations that catalyze new partnerships and drive action. The learning agenda will explore cutting-edge science, practice, and policy. The gathering will reflect social and emotional learning in both content and form, including experiential activities for participants to engage in and bring back to their communities. The conference brings together hundreds of students, educators and professionals who are committed to equity, access, and inclusion in education at all levels. 

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