Reaching and Teaching All Students: Facilitating Restorative Circles for Community Building and Academic Success in the School Environment


Presenter: Dr. Summer Pannell

Description: Why is it that the term discipline carries an automatic negative association in schools? If making it to the gym each day or reaching weekly/monthly goals makes discipline a positive term, shouldn't schools strive to instill this self-discipline in students and staff? This session will explore how to utilize restorative practices to build a classroom community, instill accountability, and support the academic success of all students. Participants in this session will explore the process of setting classroom guidelines and values, using restorative chat, and facilitating restorative circles to enhance classroom management and academic success. Participants will walk away with tangible strategies for community-building circles and academic circles as well as resources to get them started right away.


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Summer Pannell, Ph.D.


Leadership, Literacy, and Restorative Discipline Specialist

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Dr. Summer Pannell served two decades serving in at-risk schools as a teacher and principal, where she received national recognition for her school closing achievement gaps in student populations. She currently teaches educational leadership courses in both masters and doctoral programs and actively researches school improvement and the principalship. Dr. Pannell's research has been published in numerous journals and presented at state, national, and international conferences. 


Dr. Pannell is a Certified Restorative Discipline Trainer and founder of the National Restorative Discipline Institute. She conducts Restorative Discipline training across the nation and works with schools and districts to successfully implement Restorative Discipline Practices and grow leadership capacity in administrators, teachers, students, and families.