Dr. Delilah Gonzales 

Guided Reading Instruction


Presenter: Dr. Delilah Gonzales 

Description: Understanding reading-level expectations for students and how to push students toward higher reading levels is a critical component of reading instruction. Guided reading allows teachers to support students in reading by expanding their ability within and beyond the texts. Participants in this course will learn about foundational reading skills and how they build upon one another, as well as understanding their relationship to a student’s reading level. The training will cover the background and main components of guided reading, as well as how to plan for a guided reading group. Participants will be provided with a variety of strategy ideas and resources they can implement immediately with their small groups.

  • Understand the difference between reading levels and Lexile levels, and how you can use these levels to group students

  • Strategies to use guided reading groups for emergent and early readers (pre-kindergarten through first grade)

  • Strategies to use in guided reading groups for transitional and fluent readers (second grade and up)

  • How to analyze assessment data and use the information collected to guide your instruction

  • How to utilize a variety of tools, graphic organizers, and lesson plan templates to design an effective guided reading lesson

Tick Tock Tic Time to Engage Students in Creative Literacy Work Stations Face to Face or Virtual


Presenter: Dr. Delilah Gonzales

Description: This workshop provides foundational strategies for leading an effective reading block that utilizes literacy stations to foster independence learning.

Dr. Gonzales 

Bio: Dr. Delilah Gonzales, an early literacy professor, has worked in education for over twenty years. She brings a mixture of begin a practitioner and researcher to the table.  Working as a literacy consultant for the National Literacy Professional Development Consortium has offered her the opportunity to educate, train and mentor both pre-service and in-service educators in developing effective instructional strategies, specifically in literacy and language development.