2021 Summer Reading Camps

Summer Day Camps That Focus On Reading 

NLI Training Center

1270 Conrad Sauer Dr. Suite 103

Houston, Texas 77043

Build Foundational Reading Skills


This summer reading program is about targeting and building the foundational skills that are necessary to become a successful reader. If you are looking for a basic reading program that is just reading and answering questions, this is not it.

This summer reading program focuses on building phonemic awareness, reading fluency, comprehension, and improving the ability to decode and encode words. We work on visualization, note taking, critical thinking, and more.

When you take a holistic approach to reading, you can dramatically improve your reading skills not just in school, but in life.

Rebuild, Regain, Restore 
Literacy Skills Lost During COVID-19!

It's summer camp and so much more. The Reading camps are all about your child.  Each day overflows with variety, hands-on learning, fitness, fun and HAPPY surprises... and each camper's experience is tailored precisely to what that camper needs to excel as a reader.

Kids who attend our camp will make strides in spelling, decoding, fluency, and comprehension. They will discover a deeper appreciation for books and reading... among friends who share their interests.


And they will enhance their overall literacy skills including: Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing!

When and Where: Choose one week, two weeks or more! We strongly suggest at least two weeks to allow time for assessment and implementation of the optimal program for your child. All campers will be assessed at the start of camp, but only those who attend for at least two weeks will receive a full assessment afterwards.

For 2021, The Summer Reading Camp is hosted at the NLI training center. Enrollment is open for school-aged children who are at least 4 but younger than 10 years old. Decide which dates and special themes appeal most to you. All camps are half-day, running from 9:00am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday.

NEW THIS YEAR: There are more themes than ever before! At registration, you will be asked to select a 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice for the one theme your camper will experience during that session. All campers will receive their 1st choice, unless we discuss an alternative with you in advance of the start of camp. 


All sessions will focus on the fundamentals of excellent literacy skills, but the primary emphases of each themed camp are noted in parentheses.

Session One - June 14th through June 25th 

Themes Below
Reading and Science (Inference and Writing Skills)
It Adds Up to Reading (Beginning Math) (Comprehension and Fluency)
Reading and Service Learning (Imagination and Perspective)
Reading and Sports (Motivation and Preparation)
Reading and Music (Fluency and Spelling)


Registration for one camper 360.00

Session Two - June 28th through July 9th 

Themes Below 
Reading with a Green Thumb (Motivation and Vocabulary)
Reading and Spanish (Decoding and Comprehension)
Reading for the Young Author (Comprehension and Writing Skills)
Reading and Visual Arts (Motivation and Comprehension)
Reading and Media Arts (Writing Skills and Confidence)


Registration for one camper 360.00

Session Three - July 12th - July 14th  July 19-21st   July 26th - 28th 

Themes Below 
Reading and Computers (Decoding and Comprehension)
Reading for the Young Entrepreneur (Persistence and Focus)
Reading and Spanish II/French II (Decoding and Comprehension)
Get Cookin' With Books (Motivation and Math)
Get a Kick Out of Books (Martial Arts) (Motivation and Focus)
Reading and Performance Arts (Fluency and Confidence)

Registration for one camper 360.00

Consultation with Academic Literacy Therapist  - 45 minutes  $50 

Session 1 is completely full!