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Literacy Academy (K-3)

Preschool Science Class

Science of Reading

Grades K-3

Science of Teaching Reading Literacy Academy  – 5 Part Series

This series, based on the Science of Teaching Reading framework, explores key concepts in foundational literacy, including oral language, phonological awareness, word structure and analysis, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Designed for teachers, administrators, instructional coaches, and preservice teachers, each course dives deeply into the theory and practice of early reading skills and provides educators the tools to implement effective early literacy practices.   


The Purpose of the Science of Teaching Reading Literacy Academy will be to present some of the core information that teachers need to help young children learn to read and write well and to support the children who struggle.  This 5-day literacy institute will also offer details for designing a rigorous, challenging and engaging curriculum that includes research-based practices, differentiated instruction, and scaffolding techniques to guarantee the literacy success of all students.



Participants will be fully engaged in the sessions.   These sessions are not a sit and get, rather a shake, rattle and roll sessions. 

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