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Pre K & Kindergarten Conference 

Let's Learn, Laugh, and Motivate Each Other Together- In-Person or Virtually!

Oct 12 & 19 | In-Person

Oct 13 & 21 | Virtually



You are invited to join the nation’s top educational leaders and presenters in early childhood education at our Annual Pre-K & Kindergarten Conference.   This is an amazing professional learning experience for all early childhood educators, including both the experienced and the novice teacher. Nationally recognized presenters, such as Dr. Ingrid, Dr. D. Gonzales and Dr. F. Gonzalez and more promise to bring you 1 day of motivating and exciting research-based, cutting-edge tips, tricks and strategies that you can implement in your classroom tomorrow!

Featured Topics

D-A-P for ALL:  How Developmentally Appropriate Practices Can Transform Instruction in the PreK and Kindergarten Classroom


Systematically Supporting Quality Programs Through Equity Lens


Play-Based Literacy Stations/Activities for The Early Grades


Making Authentic Connections with The Strands Of The Of Scarborough’s Reading Rope To Everyday Classroom Instructional Practices

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You can register with credit card or your PO. 

If don't have the actual PO, you can enter the number or enter "0" which will indicate to us that the PO is forthcoming and to hold your seat. 

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