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Effective Techniques for Inclusive Classrooms


Although many educators firmly believe in inclusion, a strong belief system alone will not guarantee success. To handle the various learning requirements and behaviors of students, teachers need to use creative techniques and unique strategies to reach our young learners. You will learn a variety of strategies in this course that can be applied to both full classes of kids to establish productive classroom routines and procedures and to individuals to address specific behavioral difficulties. This presentation will cover a variety of quick, practical strategies that have a beneficial effect on students' conduct in inclusive classrooms. The courses and activities are simple and affordable, based on reliable research, and acceptable for a wide range of student populations, including those with severe disabilities. You will learn how to: - Engage kids in self-monitoring and self-improvement without using demeaning tactics - Use intermittent positive reinforcement in an effective and original manner to create positive classroom conduct - Improve the focus and attention of children who are easily distracted. - Use preventive methods as much as possible to reduce student disturbances. - Minimize student distractions with easy-to-use, fun tools and techniques. - Educate kids on effective methods for limiting impulsive bad conduct. - Use practical methods to implement major behavioral improvement in your educational setting.


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