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Pre-K & Kindergarten Professional Development 

Kindergarten Classroom

Pre K  Literacy Academy

Earn your PD hours with NLI 

Date | July 8th- 11th or August 5th -8th

Location | 7539 South FWY Houston, TX 77021
Cost | $485 Per Person includes a Make and Take session,

Day 1: Foundation Building
  • Understanding Phonological Awareness

  • Strategies for Building Vocabulary in Young Learners

Day 2: Reading Instruction Techniques
  • Interactive Read-Aloud Strategies

  • Small Group Approaches for Prek

  • Incorporating Literacy into Daily Routines

Day 3: Writing Skills Development
  • Promoting Emergent Writing

  • Creating Writing-Rich Environments

  • Using Writing Centers Effectively

Day 4: Assessment and Differentiation
  • Assessing Literacy Skills in PreK Learners

  • Tailoring Instruction to Individual Needs, including

Each day will include a mix of presentations, hands-on activities, discussions, and reflection time to ensure participants engage deeply with the content and have opportunities to apply what they've learned to their teaching practice.

Exploring Phonological Awareness

Teaching sitting children

Exploring Phonological Awarness

Earn your PD hours with NLI 

Building Comprehension Starts in the Early Childhood Classroom

JULY 14, 2024

- IN PERSON 9:00-1030 AM

- VIRTUAL 1:00-2:00 PM CST

This session will introduce Instructional strategies which assist learners with their ability to understand, remember, and communicate meaning from text.


You can register with credit card or your PO.  If don't have the actual PO, you can enter the number or enter "0" which will indicate to us that the PO is forthcoming and to hold your seat.

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