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2024 MEGA


Oct. 17th Full Conference 8am to 4pm 
Breakfast and Lunch Included 

Location: Crowne Plaza Medical Center/Galleria area is majestically located in the Greenway Plaza Business
district of Houston | Houston TX

Hotel Reservation as low as $89.00 per night

Registration: $389.00 Deal Ends Sept. 1st 
Regular Registration after Sept. 1st will be $425.00  

 23rd Annual Education Mega 'Make It Move' Conference 
In Beautiful Houston, Texas

Join us Oct. 17th  for the premier educators’ conference where educators and learners are empowered to reach new heights through tailored strands that Emerge, Elevate, and Enhance their schools.


Ron Clark is Back!

Meet Ron Clark: The Inspirational Educator and Bestselling Author


Ron Clark is a dynamic force in education, renowned for his innovative teaching methods and passionate dedication to transforming the lives of students. As the co-founder of the Ron Clark Academy and a New York Times bestselling author, Ron's groundbreaking approach has inspired educators around the world. Known for his boundless energy and infectious enthusiasm, Ron's mission is to revolutionize education by fostering a culture of excellence, creativity, and joy in the classroom. Join us in welcoming this extraordinary educator whose visionary work continues to make a profound impact on the future of education!


Call for Proposals now available. 

Submissions made using this portal.

Proposals are due July 1st  at 11:59pm (CST).  

Volunteer to be a 2024 Conference Proposal Reviewer. 

Why the 2024 Education Mega Conference is the Right Conference at the Right Time in the Perfect Location

Education Mega Conference is one of the few conferences that offers sessions tailored to district and school leaders as well as classroom teachers. Whatever your role, leave with strategies you can use the very next day.

Collaborate and learn with others who share the same “why” in a conference.

Fall is a perfect time and Texas is the perfect place to get motivate for the year.

Have some “good ole” fun with us. 

Innovate, Inspire, Ignite: Transforming Education for a Brighter Future"

This theme highlights the importance of fostering innovation, inspiring educators and learners, and igniting passion and creativity to transform education and achieve excellence.


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