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Practical Management and Discipline: Techniques for Handling Tough, Challenging Student


The strategies for dealing with challenging students' misbehavior, defusing potentially explosive situations, and holding problem-solving conferences to assist non compliant students in accepting responsibility for their actions are all demonstrated in this session. Teachers may have to deal with unruly, disrespectful, or non-compliant students even in well-run classrooms. You'll discover useful intervention techniques for dealing with off-task behavior that could persist in spite of a teacher's best efforts. You'll see teachers use a variety of tactics, such as verbal abuse and behaviors that are threatening or frightening, to deal with disruptive student conduct. In this session, we will identify positive strategies that will promote and empower all in the classroom. You will learn how to: - Use a broad range of potent techniques to respectfully and successfully address a variety of student misbehavior. - Adapt treatments to best address students' intents and behaviors - Even in the face of blatantly inappropriate remarks and behavior, keep your composure and maintain control. - Avoid engaging in power conflicts or confrontations with other students who are out for retribution. - Collaborate effectively with difficult children to find solutions and transition to more responsible classroom behavior


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