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Multilingual Institute

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Multilingual Institute

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Conference Overview

The conference considers all aspects of the linguistic and sociolinguistic competences and practices of bi-/multilingual speakers who cross existing social and linguistic boundaries, adopting or adapting themselves to new and overlapping linguistic spaces.

Topics will include: (multiple) language acquisition and learning (L3, L4, Lx); psycho- and neurolinguistics of multilingualism; translanguaging; early bilingualism and heritage lan- guage development; speech processing in bi-/multilinguals; trans/multilingual language use in different contexts; multilingual education; bi-/multiculturalism; bi-/multilingual language policies; literacy in multiple languages (pluriliteracy); intercultural and globalisa- tion issues related to multilingualism; multilingualism in business/economics; multilin- gualism and digital media; multilingual issues in literature and translation.

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