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2023 Education Series 

This special education workshop series is hands-on, research-based professional development designed to empower special and general educators and strengthen student academic and behavioral needs using brain-based strategies, and social-emotional learning tools .


We are committed to finding innovative ways to support and collaborate with local districts and charter schools throughout the region by providing special education professional development and other services.

Our administrative and program supports are based on regional needs and are dedicated to providing leadership, special education professional development, guidance, updates, services, support, program implementation, and products to assist districts and charter schools to improve results for students with disabilities birth through age 21.

Face to Face Location:
3129 KINGSLEY DR 1710, 77584

Improving Learning Outcomes for STUDENTS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS

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9-19-2023 $225.00- Face to Face

9-20-2023 $189.00- Virtual  

​​Improve Instruction in the Self-Contained Classroom for Students with Severe Disabilities 

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$225.00- Face to Face


CO-TEACHING THAT WORKS: Powerful Strategies to Accelerate Student Success in Today's Inclusive Classrooms

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9-26-2023    $225.00- Face to Face

9-27-2023  $189.00- Virtual  

​​Catching Up Your STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES Who Have Fallen Behind

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10-02-2023  $225.00- Face to Face

10-03-2023  $189.00- Virtual  

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