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Improve and Sustain Reading, Writing & Language Achievement at Your School

Reading and writing are the foundations of all learning. And, more than ever, strong literacy skills are essential to success in college and the workplace.  NLI's reading, writing and language professional learning services provide preK-12 schools with a framework to implement and ensure the consistent use of evidence-based reading and writing instructional strategies.

Working with NLI's Instructional Implementation Experts, teachers deepen their own knowledge of reading, writing and language instruction and build their instructional skills. NLI also works with school leaders to help them implement consistent processes to develop teachers’ reading, writing and language practices and create a professional learning culture that fosters high achievement.


NLI's approach to reading, writing and language professional learning builds knowledge and skills through well-structured courses and site-based coaching, modeling, and mentoring.


Share Knowledge

Through online or onsite courses and workshops, teachers receive sustained and long-term professional learning. They learn a variety of evidence-based strategies and proven best practices for teaching reading and writing and assessing their impact on students’ literacy skills.

Build Skills

Our experts schedule onsite or online visits during which they mentor, model and coach teachers on how to effectively implement new teaching methodologies and high-leverage practices around their selected reading and writing curricula. Teachers are given personalized professional guidance on how to identify and address struggling readers, including those with dyslexia and other special needs, and provide appropriate instruction.


Sustain Change

NLI experts work closely with preK-12 school and district leaders to create and communicate district literacy plans, select and use effective assessments, establish pacing calendars and MTSS plans for interventions, and monitor teaching effectiveness school- and district-wide.

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